I am a graduate student at the Center for Autism Research Excellence at Boston University, where I conduct research under the mentorship of Dr. Helen Tager-Flusberg.

My dissertation research focuses on language and communication in autism spectrum disorder. There are two main research questions I am addressing:

  1. What are the best methods for language assessment in autism that can capture the heterogeneity of this population, in terms of communication, symptom severity and IQ?
  2. Are there cross-cultural and/or cross-linguistic differences in the language input of preschoolers with autism?

My research focuses on two traditionally under-represented populations in the field of autism research:

  1. Minimally to low-verbal older children and adolescents with autism.
  2. Non-English speaking children. I am focusing on Bulgarian children with autism.

In addition to my dissertation research, I am involved in various research projects on language development and assessment both in autism and in typical development. I am also interested in research informing policy for children with developmental disorders. For more information about research projects I am involved in, click here.

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