Autism Study of Bulgarian Children’s Communication (ABC)

In this study, I am examining the cross-cultural and cross-linguistic differences in parental input to children with autism from Bulgaria and from the US. I am collecting natural language samples, while children are playing with their parents. These samples are later transcribed and analyzed to examine the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of parents’ speech. I am interested in identifying the methods of communication that best facilitate children’s language development.

In a series of research projects, my colleagues at the Center for Autism Research Excellence and I worked on developing a new language assessment protocol for children and adolescents with autism across a wide range of ages and language abilities. The protocol called Eliciting Language Samples for Analysis (ELSA) is suitable for collecting language samples from very young children with good verbal abilities (1.5 to 4 years; ELSA-T) to older minimally to low-verbal children and adolescents (4 to 20 years; ELSA-A). Our novel, real-time approach for coding the collected ELSA samples yields reliable and valid measures of the language and communication of children and adolescents with autism.

Below you will find a link to each project that was part of this effort.

Family Needs Assessment of Caregivers of Bulgarian Children with Developmental Delay, Disorder, and Disability – in collaboration with Autism Speaks

Уважаеми родители и настойници,

Каним Ви да участвате в проучване на Световната Здравна Организация и Фондация Аутизъм Спийкс (Autism Speaks) за оценка на нуждите на семействата на деца с проблеми в развитието (изоставане, нарушения или увреждания). Целта на това проучване е да научим повече за нуждите на Вашето дете с проблем в развитието и да опишем предизвикателствата, пред които се изправя Вашето семейство всеки ден. Вашите отговори ще ни предоставят необходимата информация, за да се застъпим пред политици, други родители и обществеността за конкретни услуги, от които се нуждаят децата с проблеми в развитието.

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